Parent/Guardian Information


While at the SVJC, residents do not need any personal possessions or property, other than the clothes being worn to the facility and current medication. Residents should not wear expensive clothing (i.e. jackets, shoes) to the facility. No jewelry (e.g. ring, earring), watches, wallets/purses, money, tobacco, food, additional clothing, or other personal property is to be worn or taken to the facility. Any such property will be disposed of 30 days from the date of release.


All residents will wear facility clothing throughout his stay at the SVJC. At some point he will need one (1) outfit, including shoes and underclothes. This clothing will be used for outings and when is released from the program. No additional clothing items are required.



Residents are able to make personal telephone calls using the Encartele prepaid phone system. To set up an account to accept phone calls, please contact Encartele at 866-476-6723 or go to to establish a prepaid account or add funds to an existing MinuteMizer account. While setting up your account, you need the resident’s pin number and to designate the phone numbers the resident may use for the funds.

  • MAIL

Residents may send and receive letters. Residents may write their attorney, probation counselor or minister at any time. Visitors may not give or receive written communications to or from residents during visitation.


There is no public transportation to the SVJC. Visitors must arrange their own transportation. 


The SVJC has licensed medical staff available to respond to resident medical needs. A nurse is available seven (7) days a week and a medical director on-site weekly. Immediately report any medical concerns or conditions to the SVJC. Any medication will be verified prior to administration to residents.


The CPP has a dedicated case manager, Chacha Mahiri, and Treatment Programs Coordinator, Evenor Aleman. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them directly.

Evenor Aleman
Treatment Programs Coordinator
(540)886-0729 ext. 161

Chacha Mahiri
(540)886-0729 ext. 165