Medical Services

  • Residents' will be seen by a Physician for a physical examination.
  • Residents' will be seen by a Licensed Nurse for a medical assessment.  The Licensed Nurse will also hold sick call Monday through Friday when on duty.  
  • In the event of an emergency, residents' may be taken to the Emergency Room for Medical Care.
  • The Physician will determine if certain non-emergency care, (ie. dental, vision etc.), needs to be performed while in the juvenile center or may wait until residents' are released from the facility.
  • Residents' may be given medication while in the facility. This may be medication used prior to being detained/placed that is being continued, new prescription medication prescribed by a physician for a medical problem, or over the counter medication to help reduce symptoms of an illness.  
  • Residents' may be medically restricted at times due to illness if it is determined they may be at risk for passing an illness to others, or if they are feeling too ill to participate in normal activities.
  • Medical rights are posted in all living areas. If residents' have any questions regarding these or their health care, please consult the Nurse Manager or the Licensed Nurse.