Medical Information


Residents’ rights regarding medications and treatment decisions:

  • Residents’ will be informed of rights, responsibilities, policies and rules
  • Residents’ will  participate in planning personal medical treatment
  • Residents’ have the right to refuse medical treatment
  • Residents’ will  be provided privacy during medical treatment including the administration of medication

Residents’ rights regarding confidentiality:

  • Only staff members providing care to a resident will have access to the health records.
  • Residents’ can approve or refuse to release personal health records to an individual outside the facility (except as otherwise provided by law).

Informed Consent to health care:

  • When the resident is held at the Juvenile Center, the Executive Director and Deputy Director are considered to be the legal custodian of the resident while at the Juvenile Center.
  • During the intake, staff will review the orientation to medical services with residents.  Residents’ will sign the form acknowledging their understanding of medical rights and medical care being offered to them.
  • Medical Staff will inform the resident of any treatments or medications prescribed by the Medical Director or On-Call Physician.
  • If the resident needs to go out to any medical facility, non emergency services will be arranged by the court, which will be responsible for informing the parent of needed care. The Executive Director or Deputy Director may give written consent for emergency care outside of this facility.