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Parent/Guardian Information


While in the juvenile center, residents have no need for any personal possessions or property other than the clothes being worn to the juvenile center and medication currently being taken. Youth should not wear expensive clothing to the juvenile center. No jewelry (e.g. ring, earring), watch, wallet/purse, money, tobacco, food, additional clothing, or other personal property is to be worn or taken to the juvenile center.

All residents will wear juvenile center clothing and will not need additional clothing. If a resident's clothing is unfit for public wear, parents may replace it during business hours Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-4 p.m. subject to prior administration approval.

Residents are not allowed to make telephone calls, unless the privilege to make a weekly call is earned.  Residents are not allowed to receive any personal telephone calls.  If the resident's Parent/Guardian has a cell phone, they will need to call Encartele at 866-476-6723 or visit Encartele on the web to set up a calling card account in order for you to receive calls.

Residents may write up to four (4) letters per week to parents or guardians. Exceptions are only with approval by the administration or as an earned privilege. Residents may write their attorney, probation counselor or minister at any time. Incoming mail is not limited. Visitors may not give or receive written communications to or from residents during visiting hours.
There is no public transportation to the juvenile center. Visitors must arrange their own transportation.
The juvenile center has a registered nurse on staff and a medical doctor on call. Any medication will have to be verified before a resident will be allowed to use it. 

Mental Health Services

The juvenile center provides mental health assessment and individual, family, and group counseling through a grant-funded case manager.