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Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center

Main Phone Number: 540-886-0729
Client Fax Number: 540- 886-0720
Business Fax Number: 540-213-0255
ORR/DUCS Fax Number: 540-213-0257 or 540-213-0258
Medical Fax Number: 540-213-0243
Mental Health Clinican Fax Number: 540-213-0250


Secure and Staff Secure Shelter Contact list


Executive Director: Timothy J. Smith,
Deputy Director of Programs: Jason Skeens,
Deputy Director of Operations: Timothy Showalter,
Program Manager: Jason Klingensmith,
Training Coordinator: Christy Dameron,
Office Manager: Susan Davis,
Office Assistant: Mindy Waggy,
Office Assistant: Dianne Hill,
Nurse: Lisa Anderson,
Nurse: Denise Caracofe,
Mental Health Clinician: Gary Bass,
Mental Health Case Manager: Theresa Murphy,
ORR/DUCS Program Manager: Cristina Casado,
ORR/DUCS Clinician: Andrew Mayles,
ORR/DUCS Lead Clinician: Melissa Cook,
ORR/DUCS Clinician: 
ORR/DUCS Lead Case Manager: Kelsey Wong,
ORR/DUCS Case Manager: Carina Contreras,
ORR/DUCS Case Manager: Elizabeth Ropp,
ORR/DUCS Transportation Officer: Raul Colon,
Facility Maintenance: Jamie Butler,



Education Contact List

Education Fax Number: 540-213-0256 

School Principal: Theresa Davis,
School Administrative Assistant: Judy Huffer,
Math/Special Education: 
Daniel Woodard,
Helen Buller,

Health and PE: Greg Campbell,

ELL: Ayami Makino,


Music Therapist: Kathryn Young,
Science: Mary Ann Plogger,

Special Education: Nancy Rodriguez,

Special Education: Tanner Boyle,
Social Studies/History: Tim Copeland,
Art Therapist: Michal Emmert-Hart,

Bilingual Instructional Assistant: Adriana Santiago,

Bilingual Instructional Assistant: Carlos Romero,

English: Chanelle Lincoln,

Technology: Daniel Shaffer,